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Summer Solstice 2024

Summer Solstice 2024

Please sign up here for Summer Solstice celebration with Karen on Thursday 6/20/24 at 3333 S 900 E Ste 220, Millcreek Utah.  We're gathering on June 20th for an evening of connection, renewal, and transformation. This special event will be a harmonious blend of yoga, sound healing, and a touch of the fire element to honor the sun's power. 🌟🔥


The solstice this year falls on 6/20/24, four days after Father's Day, and one day before the full moon in Capricorn, a sign traditionally associated with strong masculine energy in astrology. We'll flow through a revitalizing yoga sequence, followed by a soothing sound bath to balance our energies. Together, we'll set powerful intentions for the season ahead. It's the perfect opportunity to connect with nature, embrace the warmth of the sun, and celebrate this beautiful time of renewal. 🌿🌞


In addition to saving a spot for the Summer Solstice workshop, you will receive a welcome letter we send to our new subscribers with a special discount code inside. Please be sure to check your email for the discount code.

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